2nd Lockdown & Dentistry - Keep Calm & Carry On.

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Saturday evening (31/10/20), the British Dental Association are seeking urgent clarification as to the position of dental services during the four week period of lockdown from 5th November. 

Based on the Government guidance so far published, their interpretation is that dental practices will continue to operate as at present. 

The guidance says that individuals can be outside their homes for specific purposes, which include 'for any medical concerns, reasons, appointments & emergencies'. 

The guidance also says that:

'A number of public services will also stay open and you will be able to leave home to visit them. These include...the NHS and medical services like GP's.' 

The BDA's view is that this includes dentistry, but are seeking confirmation on this. 

There is no reason why practices should shut. 

Dental teams have risen to the challenge during the pandemic and are delivering vital care while ensuring the safety of both staff and patients. 

We have a huge backlog of patients waiting to be seen for their routine examinations which we are working through now.at we have caught up with, but continue to have, emergencies & planned treatments. 

Our young dentist left before lockdown & we have been unable to secure a replacement as yet.

This means we have a whole list of patients who are not Gary's, waiting to be seen. Gary is dealing with her emergencies as and when he can.

We can not offer those patients routine appointments for the forseeable future. The Local Area Team are aware of the situation & have asked us to continue offering those patients emergency appointments only.

We are doing our best in very difficult circumstances and thank you all for your patience.