On Wednesday, 26th March we received updated advice from the British Dental Association & the Government.

All dental practices are to close with immediate effect, even to emergencies, to avoid face to face contact. 

Emergency dental hubs are being set up, these are likely to be at some distance from the practice and may involve travelling.

Although we have excellent infection control measures, and robust Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), general dental practices do not have access to the respirator masks now needed to treat patients safely.

In a rural practice like ours, with poor transport links, we appreciate that this is likely to be extremely challenging for some of our patients.

We will be able to give telephone advice only, if you ring the practice you will be given our home /mobile number to contact us. 

A severe dental emergency was being defined earlier in the week as Bleeding that cannot be stopped (after an extraction), Dental swelling that causes difficulties with breathing, tooth knocked out due to trauma or severe pain not helped by normal painkillers.

As you can understand, this is difficult for all of us, having patients in pain and not being able to treat them or have anywhere, at present, to send them to. 

Thank you for your continued support, this is a difficult time for all of us in the country.  

We've been overwhelmed by the lovely messages that we've received. 

Gary & Susan Irvine