Thank you for your patience!

We now have the full PPE (respirator masks, visors, gowns) needed to comply with the current guidance. This does mean we look a bit like Darth Vader from Star Wars! Don't worry, we are still the same people underneath it all, and it is to protect you and us. 

We can still only see urgent and emergency patients at this time, we are still not allowed to do routine check ups/ scales & polishes. This is because the current alert level is still high (3)

We are working hard to catch up after a 3 month backlog of people who had treatment booked in between March & June. 

If you had a routine appointment during lockdown, we have you on a list & will see you as soon as we can. This does mean that patients who have routine appointments booked in July/August will be cancelled and moved on a bit. 

If you are experiencing any problems, please ring our lovely reception team who will help. 

Thank you for being patient patients!