Our Fees

An estimate of treatment costs and a written treatment plan for NHS and private treatment will be provided before commencing treatment. A guide to fees is displayed and available at reception. We also offer a monthly payment plan which enables patients to budget for private dental treatment. It also provides insurance against dental injury, emergencies in the UK and abroad. Laboratory work is not included. Patients need to be dentally fit before joining the scheme and the monthly fee is set according to the patients oral health. Please ask reception for details.

Private Fees

June 2020

  • Examination £42
  • Emergency appointment £38
  • Digital x-rays £13 each
  • Dental Hygienist 40 minute appointments £55
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) treatments with dentist £109
  • Silver (amalgam) fillings, dependant on number of surfaces from £72
  • White (composite or glass ionomer) fillings from £84
  • Temporary fillings £35
  • Root canal treatments from £155 - £335+ (dependant on number of canals)
  • Simple extractions £89
  • Surgical (complex) extractions £135
  • Ceramic & Gold Crowns from £500 dependant on lab costs
  • Tooth whitening £350
  • Gumshields (heavy duty, coloured for sport) from £65
  • Veneers from £385 dependant on lab costs.