Cosmetic treatment

Teeth whitening

In the UK, it is illegal for anyone other than a registered Dentist to carry out teeth whitening. Some of the kits available online and offered in beautician’s salons are not gentle on tooth enamel.

As individuals, the shade of our teeth can vary considerably.  We offer gentle teeth whitening with custom made trays and a low percentage carbamide peroxide so that you have control over the shade that you wish to achieve safely.

We take a mould of your mouth and go through the entire process with you when we fit the trays so that you get the best result for you.


Veneers are most suitable for front teeth.  They are used when teeth are discoloured. Less invasive than preparing a tooth for crowning, we only skim off the top surface of enamel so that the veneer (which is a bit like a false fingernail) can be put on top without looking bulky.